Chengyi Intelligent Equipment

Committed to providing customers with an overall solution for fully automatic packaging solutions

The company is committed to providing customers with an overall solution for fully automatic packaging solutions and creating more intelligent and automated packaging equipment. The company's products are widely used in electronics, medical and health, food, health products, daily chemicals, plastic hardware and other industries. , intelligent and comprehensive production processes such as cartoning, boxing, labeling, etc.

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Intelligent, flexible, digital and networked to improve customer product efficiency and quality

Our advantage

Exclusive industry packaging solutions can be provided according to your needs, Chengyi will make you worry-free after sales

Customer Stories

Serving the industry for more than 15 years, providing integrated automated packaging solutions for factories

  • Yunnan Baiyao
  • Tiandi No.1
  • Nanjing Osmanthus Duck (Group)
  • Luhua Peanut
  • Sunflower Pharmaceutical
  • Coca Cola
  • Baisui Mountain
  • Hulun Buir Northeast Fufeng Biotechnology Co., Ltd
  • Come again
  • Guizhou Bailing
  • Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group
  • Guli
  • GREE
  • Fuling pickle
  • Wang Laoji
  • Yabao Pharmaceutical
  • Humanwell Pharmaceutical
  • Degao
  • Guangzhou Institute of Intelligence
  • Huafang Co., Ltd
  • Huizhou Yiwei Lithium Energy
  • Conant
  • Beautiful
  • Shandong Jingzhi Wine Industry
  • Shandong Shengyang Power Supply Co., Ltd
  • Shenzhen Caimei Printing Co., Ltd
  • Shenzhen Yutai Technology Co., Ltd
Industry scheme

Deeply cultivate the industry, and continue to create a benchmark full-automatic packaging overall solution

Electronics industry
Electronics industry

Electronics industry

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medical and health work
medical and health work

medical hygiene

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Food and health products
Food and health products

Food and health products

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chemicals for daily use
chemicals for daily use

Daily chemical

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Plastic hardware
Plastic hardware

plastic hardware

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